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4 Web Design Mistakes That Separates Amateurs From Professionals

Web Design Mistakes

These are the 4 web design mistakes that separate amateurs from professionals.

1. Disabling zoom on mobile sites

This does not only induce cringes, it literally causes headaches as well!

When visitors land on a website that they want to browse using their mobile device, they will be annoyed to know that they cannot zoom in to magnify the text.

As a result, visitors will squint at the tiny blocks of text they cannot read well and most probably leave the site.

Designers should keep in mind that nowadays, more people use their mobile devices than their desktops. Therefore, a website must be optimized for mobile use as well.

2. Pop-Ups

While pop-ups are fine, what makes it annoying is the time when these surface.

Most of the websites of today have pop-ups that appear the moment visitors land on their page.

Before visitors sign up to a site’s mailing list, they want to read some information about the products/services being offered. Content marketing aims to show the way businesses can provide visitors with value, after which they invite people to subscribe.

Without a doubt, pop-ups have their advantages. However, the pop-up should show up only after visitors have spent some time on the web page.

There is something worse than untimely pop-ups.

This is the non-mobile-friendly pop-up. This is when users are stuck staring at pop-ups and cannot press the x button. This should be avoided.

3. Autoplaying videos that have sound

If a website has a video embedded in it, autoplay should be turned off or at the least, the sound should be turned off.

Some businesses think that they may catch the attention of viewers by blaring at them when they load their page but on the contrary, it is the best way for them to leave the site.

A lot of online users browse several sites right away so as soon as they hear the noise, they will look for the site with a sound icon to turn it off.

Anyway, most people like to listen to their kind of music while browsing so they will not be able to hear included video, making it a garbled mess.

4. Using light grey text on white space

It seems unthinkable to use light gray on a white background. This is a big no yet people always see this.

Certainly, white is great and is considered a favorite of web designers when it comes to providing space and giving a sense of minimalism.

Light gray is also a nice color that gives a modern vibe.

It does not mean, though, that it would be a good idea to combine both when adding text.

Text is more legible when there is contrast so designers should make sure that the font color is entirely different from that of its background.

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