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Important Things To Consider Before Starting A Website!

Starting A Website

Are you thinking to start your own website? Are you looking for any technical guidance before starting your website? If these questions are already rolling in your mind then this article will be very fruitful for your approach and will give you a better insight into designing your own website.
The dimension of digital marketing and online business has seen a drastic change in the past few years. Nowadays, every organization or business needs to have a website as their own identity to represent one’s brand or about business, for which you should a have nice and trendy website to grab the users attention.

What important factors you must implement to start a website, Let’s briefly talk about it.

Choose the right domain name for your business/organization.

Having rich or relevant keywords in your URL/domain name will definitely help you in better search engine rankings. A domain name must reflect your brand name and can be easy to remember for users. You can start researching your domain name availability on various platforms like GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc, and can easily also compare pricing plans. It would be advisable to read terms and policies carefully as few domain companies use different marketing tactics to grab users’ attention.

Aim of your website

The purpose of your website should be very clear by thinking from the user’s perspective. It’s really important to keep in mind that for whom your website intends to serve. You should know what exactly is your target audience expects from you? After all these small considerations, you can start designing your dream website.

Clean and SEO friendly design

We all know that a First impression is the last impression and it really matters in the case of websites. In this competitive market, it’s really important to stand out from your website from other competitors and your website’s first impression or appearance always decide to lose or make a deal. A clean and easy-to-navigate website can easily grab users’ attention. So you must know what effective color scheme, inviting site layout, keywords, call to action, etc would be beneficial for your target audience.

Choose the best CMS/Framework and technology for your website

It’s almost impossible to develop a good website without considering a functional backend program or Content Management System. Your website CMS/Framework works as an engine of your website where all the magic happens. So if your website is based on eCommerce then Woocoomerce, Magento, and Shopify engines will be best for it or if you deal in blogging, content-driven, or any information website then WordPress engine will be best suitable for your purpose.

Mobile-Friendly Website

According to the latest web surveys, more than 90% of audiences use mobile devices to search for services and products and it’s really important that your website design should be easily adaptable according to different mobile devices and screens. You can choose Bytegrow technologies for your mobile-friendly website.

Last important factor is hosting services

This is the most neglectable factor that people don’t consider after finishing their website. Yes, it’s very true, your delicious food needs proper serving crockery. Hosting for a website serves as crockery where you can put your website for your audience. A good and reliable hosting service used to play an important role in case of website speed and is also responsible for serving up your website to the target audience quickly. There are various platforms like Hostgator, Digital Ocean, GoDaddy, etc from where you can select your hosting package according to your website business needs.

If you need more technical advice regarding the design and development of your website you can get a free consultation from me.

Article Source: Geneva Mathis

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